Dear Member

To help you get involved, here are a few things we have planned for you:

What can Points do?

You can redeem points for cash coupons:

  • 300 Che Che Points - $15 MOP off coupon
  • 600 Che Che Points - $30 MOP off coupon
  • 900 Che Che Points - $45 MOP off coupon

More Membership Benefits Coming Soon. Stay Tuned!


How to earn Points?

Please sign up first to be our member to start collecting points.

  1. Place an order
    1 Che Che Points for every MOP $1 spent
  2. Sign Up
    300 Che Che Points
  3. Celebrate a Birthday
    1000 Che Che Points
  4. More...
    More ways will be added to earn points 


How to check my Points?

Click the floating gift button and you can check your current status. Refresh the page if information does not get updated.